How do my students access my reading?

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How do my students access my reading?

Edji is accessed through a simple reading group code. Each reading for a specific group will have a unique four character code. When you create your reading for the first time, you will get a modal that looks like this:


Note that this modal can always be accessed again by clicking the reading code on the top right corner of your screen.

The reading code is the easy access pass to get students reading in Edji as quickly as possible. All your students need to do is go to, and find the code entry field at the top, right-hand side of the page that looks like this:


Have your students type in the unique code, and they will have instant access to your reading!

Do my students need an Account?

No! Students do not need an account to access your readings. If your students don’t have accounts, all they need to do is go to your reading using the Reading Group Code. They will see a box that looks like this:

All they need to do here is type in their name and his ‘Guest it is!’ This will let them read and comment like any other reader. As the teacher, you will see their guest name when they comment and can interact with them just like a student with an account.

Please note: When a student logs in as a guest, they will not have a saved copy of the reading. If they close their browser window while reading, they will need to create another guest account when they return. If you are going to be returning to a reading, then it would be best for your students to have an account. You can learn more about student accounts in our Student Privacy Policy here.


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