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You can use Edji in thousands of different ways, and we have made this example guide to help you get started.

Check out this video on how to make your first reading from 5th-grade teacher and Edji Co-Founder, Will Stewart!

    1. Choose your Reading
You can use any digital reading you want in Edji. All you have to do is copy the text you want and paste it in the text box on the ‘Add Reading’ page. You can adjust the formatting however you would like once you paste it into Edji, and click ‘Add Reading’. Creating a reading will generate a simple project code that will grant your readers access to start reading and commenting. Distribute this code and let them start reading and highlighting!

    2. Show off your Teacher View 
Your teacher view of your students’ reading can be a powerful tool for both you and your students. As the teacher, you can tell where students are reading and what they are annotating, as well as where students aren’t reading.

Sharing your view with students can empower the students to scaffold each other and gain insight into what their peers are thinking. It also helps students understand other peoples thoughts. You can easily do this with the ‘Heat Vision’ button on your sidebar. This will show your students what you see, with the heat map and all of their peers’ comments. Seeing the differences in the responses they put down and the responses of their peers can really get the gears turning in their heads, and cause them to think critically about what they’ve been putting down.

    3. Discuss the Results 
This is where Edji can have tremendous value in your class. Edji presents you with a unique situation where asking deep level “Why?” questions becomes easy. For an easy example, asking, “Why did you choose that Emoji?” will cause students to express and defend their thought process. “Why do you think X student used a different Emoji?” can challenge students to consider the reading through the eyes of a different student. Students can join complex discussions that provoke critical thinking and communication skills.
Edji empowers you and your students. We know that you will find creative and insightful ways to use Edji in your classroom!

Get Started with Edji!

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