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PDFs in Edji – Disclaimer:

When you put a PDF in Edji, we treat that PDF the same as we would treat an Image. This means that students can interact and leave dot comments, by choosing a specific location on the PDF page and leaving a comment for you to see as the teacher. Unfortunately, this means that students cannot highlight words on PDF documents in Edji. If you have a word heavy PDF document that you want your students to interact with, we recommend that convert the document to plain text, and then copy the text into Edji. There is a great article on how to do that for free using Google Drive available here. 

Why use a PDF in Edji?


PDF documents are prominent throughout Education, and for many good reasons. Since most PDF docs are pre-made by a third party or scanned paper documents, so they can be an easy way to get quality content to students without making the content yourself or searching tirelessly on google for a credible source. Most importantly, PDF documents are a reliable way to ensure that every student can see the same exact thing, without having to worry about the students’ devices changing its properties. They also have their drawbacks, like the inability to collaborate or have meaningful interactions with the text.

Here is how to put a PDF document into your Edji reading:


Once you are on the ‘New Reading’ page, click the PDF icon to the left of the content box. This will bring up a small window that will let you search for your computer for the document. Once you find it, select it and hit the ‘Upload’ button in Edji. There is a limit on file size of10-megabytes, but your file will likely never be that large. Your document will be converted to be compatible with Edji, which might take a few minute, depending on how large the PDF you chose was.

Once the document loads, you can choose what pages to put into your reading. You can upload the all the pages using the blue button on the left. Otherwise, you can select a single page at a time. We will soon be letting you select multiple pages at a time to insert.

Once the pages you want are in your reading, you can choose to add additional content between pages or finish up your document. After you finish and share your code with your students, they will be able to make dot comments on the document!

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