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Welcome to Edji!

Edji is the way to make your student’s reading engagement visible! Edji is a classroom reading tool that lets you share any content with your students to be analyzed and discussed in the classroom. Your students get the opportunity to interact with the reading and communicate their ideas, connections or opinions directly through the text. As their teacher, you can see all of their annotations come in live, gaining a unique view into not only what each student thinks, but how the class as a whole has interacted with the text.

Why Use Edji?

Real Classroom Collaboration on Demand

Reading in Edji allows students to read and annotate alone, just like they would when they read from a page. Edji sets itself apart when you as the teacher decide to share the ‘Heat Vision’ with your class. With one click of the button, your students will be able to visually experience where classmates are interacting and what was said, allowing students to share their thoughts instantly.

Shorten the Feedback Loop

As students annotate in Edji, you see each of their highlights and thoughts instantly, which lets you watch both individuals and the class as a whole work through the text. This provides you with a unique ability to understand the thoughts of your students and then respond to them before it’s too late. Did they make a good connection? You can positively reinforce them instantly. Did they maybe get distracted and wander off the instructions? You can provide them the direction they need as they are still thinking about the text.

Fast and Flexible Readings

When you use Edji, we do not tell you what content to give to your class. With our flexible lesson design, you are free to design the perfect lesson for your class using any combination of words, pictures, gifs, PDFs or in-line questions. If you want to try out a pre-made reading first, you can search through our Discover Feed of teacher-created readings that are ready to use.

Who uses Edji?

Edji can be used in any classroom that asks students to read. Teachers using Edji decide what their students read, be it poems, scientific articles or historical recounts. This ability makes it extremely flexible to fit into the lesson plans of most classrooms that place importance on text analysis.


Create Your Edji Account!

Where to Start:

Want some ideas on how to get your first lessons started with Edji? Check out this slideshow made by Will Stewart, 5th-Grade Teacher, and Edji Founder to find some tricks and tips on how to use Edji in your classroom! This slideshow will cover a few simple ways to integrate Edji into your classroom, just like Will does.


Get Started with Edji!

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