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Improve Student Outcomes

Each of Edji’s features is designed by teachers to enhance traditional learning strategies. The idea is to give teachers actionable data to adapt their instruction, while creating more student engagement through collaboration, using methods you won’t find anywhere else.

Reading Recap 

The Edji Reading Recap is the easiest way to see an individual students engagement with the reading. Get real-time information on time spent on reading, the number of comments they made and what they said.

Most importantly, with the Reading Recap, you can give live feedback to students on their work, to complement them on their successes or to help nudge them in the right direction with advice!

Look for the Reading Recap in your reading tools.



Students love sharing their ideas, which is why live replies are a student favorite! With Heat Vision on, students can see and reply to each others’ annotations. Live notifications alert students of incoming replies – just turn Heat Vision on and watch the discussion catch like fire!

How it works:
Replies are simple, just hover a comment and click the gray ‘Reply’ box. You can reply with any combination of comment type – audio, text, and emoji.

For teachers, use this to get see what topics excite readers, seeing what comments are generating responses from their students. Teachers can also respond to their students’ comments themselves, asking questions, challenging the students to defend their points, and answering questions students might have.



Before class, teachers can place questions in line with the text of their Edji Readings. Questions can be answered by readers, and their responses are recorded for teachers to review. Questions are text based and can be answered with any of the comment types the teacher allows. As Edji grows, questions will have expanded answering options, like multiple choice, text highlights and more!

Questions are intended to give teachers the ability to receive specific responses from their readers. Do you want to know what they thought about a specific line? How did they react to that last paragraph? What did they think the most important point that was made in the reading?

Now you can know!


Audio Comments

Audio comments are an entirely unique response type for readers to record their reactions and thoughts. These comments allow readers to record themselves as they talk through their thought process.

Audio comments are made for all students but can be especially helpful for English Language Learners and students who are learning to express themselves through writing, and provide candid access to students thoughts and opinions! World Language teachers often have their students use audio comments to answer questions their language of study to increase their conversation skills.


Custom Reading Codes

Edji readings are all given a random 4 digit code for students to access readings. This is a great, easy way to distribute your readings, but sometimes your reading is special and needs some special treatment for student access. With Hero, you have the ability to choose a custom unique code for your readings. Your custom code can be any unclaimed word, phrase or number that you want and will be used for 1 group.


Reading Instructions

Reading instructions are a way to tell your students what the goals are for the reading. Set out your expectations, learning goals and more for all students to see right as they arrive on the reading.

Comment Control

When you make readings for your students, you won’t always be looking for each student to have the same response. Some days, you might want to use an Edji reading to gauge emotional reactions to a text with Emoji, the next day you might be giving them complex vocab words that your students will need to practice pronunciation using audio comments. Select any combination of comments to focus your students’ thoughts while they read! You have the ability to add quick labels. Use these when you want students to find something specific in the text like the main idea or any of last weeks vocabulary words.

 Denotes Hero exclusive features

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