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What is a Hero Academy?

Hero Academy brings the power of Edji Hero to every teacher at a school or district. Increased collaboration and reading engagement for all! Becoming a Hero Academy gives you the power to easily manage who in your organization has access to Edji Hero. If you’re interested in setting up your own Hero Academy, email us at academy@edji.it and we can get your Academy started!

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How does Hero Academy work?

When you set up your Hero Academy, you will be given access to the Academy Management page which you can access through your navigation bar at the top of the page.

Clicking on ‘Academy’ will let you see the vitals of your Hero Academy, including its name, the number of licenses you have available and have assigned, and who is already a part of your Academy.

There are three roles that Academy members can have:

  1. Owner: An Owner is a person who is in charge of their Academy, they are the first person to be a part of the academy and will have full access to management as Academies grow.
  2. Administrator: An Administrator has the ability to invite teachers to the academy or request more licenses from Edji.
  3. Teacher: A teacher is an Edji account that is linked to their Academy. They do not have any administrative power in the Academy.

Inviting Educators to your Academy

Once you are on your Academies page, you can start inviting your teachers and Educators to join the academy. Inviting is simple, and there are two ways to accomplish it. We believe tech should never get in the way of education, so even if you run out of licenses, you can continue to add teachers to your Academy. We will simply contact you about adjusting your Academy Agreement to add the extra licenses at the next opportunity that makes sense.

  1. Invite Link: The easiest way to invite to Academy is for a teacher to click the Academy Invite Link. BE CAREFUL where you post or share your invite link, so that your licenses are only used by teachers you intend to have Hero. The link is located in the upper-right hand corner of your Academy page.
  2. Personal Invite: Invite a user to your Academy by providing a name, email address, and what role they will fill in your Academy. 

Once you hit submit, an email will be sent out to the email that you entered. That person will then be able to link an existing Edji account or create a new Edji account to be linked. Once they accept the invite they will appear in your academy page with their name, role and the date they joined.


What if I need more licenses?

If you really need to add teachers to your Academy and don’t have time to contact us, don’t worry about it! You can go ahead and invite them to your Academy when you need them on, and Edji will contact you within 48 Hours to talk about your Academies needs.

If you have some time and are learning that more teachers in your organization want to use the power of Edji Hero, or just need to update some information on your Academy, we’ve provided a simple request box to the right of the page. From this box, you can choose your request, and give us a little message about what you’re looking for. An Edji representative will reach out to you through the email that is linked with your Edji account within 48 hours of the request.



Questions about Academies? Email us to learn more!


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