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We made Edji for teachers to learn more about their students as their students engage, learn and collaborate. While Edji’s free tier gives you lots of flexibility, Edji Hero is stacked with features to turn your lesson into a truly unique collaborative text experience for your classroom.


Learn about Hero!


As an app created by a teacher, however, we know that spending your hard earned money on another classroom tool isn’t the ideal scenario. That’s why we’ve built in a few loopholes for you to get Edji Hero free!


1. Edji Referrals

First of your friends to try Edji? We’ve got a little program just for you. With the Edji referral system, you can get steep discounts up to 100% off your purchase of Edji Hero, and it’s simple to do! All you need to do is share Edji with 5 friends using the referral link that you can find on your Edji account. Once your friend has signed up, help them create their first reading by showing them the tips and tricks you’ve picked up.

Once they’ve made their first Edji reading, you both will receive 20% off a year of Edji Hero. Do this with 4 more friends and you will have stacked up 100% off Edji Hero for a year!

This is a great way to start your Heroes journey with Edji since you save, your friends save, and you get to introduce your friends and co-workers to a cool new tool for their classroom.


Check out the in-depth Referral guide!


2. Help Set up an Edji Pilot at your School!

Do you think your fellow teachers could benefit from Edji in their classroom? We would love to help set up your school as an Edji Academy pilot school.

Interested in learning more? Shoot us an email to and we’ll work with you to get your school started with your very own Hero Academy pilot!


3. Help us Sponsor your EdCamp and win a raffle!

Edji LOVES EdCamps. Everything about them. They can be such a great place for educators to chat and share their ideas, creative solutions and work together to improve their classroom experience, and Edji is all about that.

In order to help spread and support EdCamps, Edji is always looking for ways to sponsor them. Sponsorship usually comes in the form of some sweet Edji stickers and a couple of Coupon Codes for a free year of Edji.

We please ask that you do not rig the raffle to win yourself Edji Hero, but you could have a chance to win Edji Hero for your classroom!

If you’re interested in contacting Edji for a sponsorship, email us at or find us on twitter (@edjinotes) and give us a shout out!


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