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Hi everybody!

Edji is making some major changes to how Edji will work for teachers. We are adjusting the application to give free users full access to several features that are currently ‘Hero Only’ and in exchange, we are adjusting how many of your previously created Readings you have access to. Hero subscribers will have full access to all of their created readings. In this article, we’re going to go over the most asked questions about the changes.


What powers am I gaining as a free user?

With this change, we are unlocking some of our most powerful features for everyone to use. These features can help make your readings more powerful, get your students more involved, and help you understand where your students a succeeding or struggling. The full list of features that are available are as follows:


  • Audio Comments
  • In-Line Questions
  • Instructions
  • Comment Replies
  • Reading Comment Type Control
  • Custom Reading Codes


How many readings will I be able to create?

As a Free user, you will be able to create and use 2 full-power Readings on your dashboard at any one time. There is no limit to how many Readings you can create, however creating a new Reading will remove the oldest active Reading from your dashboard.

As a Hero user, there is no limit to the number of Readings you can create or access.

What happens to an older reading that gets replaced by a new reading?

If you have 2 Readings and create another one, the oldest of your two existing readings will be archived and will be placed in a read only mode, where you and your readers can only see personal comments, until you decide to go Hero and upgrade your plan.

What will happen to the readings I already have made on my Free account?

If you’ve been using Edji with your class and already have a few readings that you used, you will not lose access to those readings. Once the change goes through, you will be able to create 2 ‘full power’ Readings and creating a third will archive the oldest ‘full power’ Reading.

What if I’m already Hero?

If you’re already Hero, you won’t see much change on your account after this update. This is because you will retain full access to all of your past readings, with extra bookmarking tools to keep your favorite readings organized. You will also still be able to use the Reading Recap evaluation and feedback tool, which will not be available for free users. As we progress and grow, Heroes can look forward to a more in-depth feedback and evaluation system!


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