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Edji Visionaries

The Edji Visionary program is an online Ambassador community of education leaders and problem solvers who are pioneering what it means to use Edji. They are passionate educators and friends of the Edji team and tool. We want to create this program to lift teachers up and help those that are looking for support, and most importantly, generate an excited community of educators who love teaching and helping each other.

Who can be a Visionary?

Visionaries will be comprised of an exclusive group of educators that have shown themselves to be forward thinkers and supporters of Edji. Teachers who have helped us in development by sharing their thoughts and experiences, and educators that have helped Edji grow by sharing it with their friends and colleagues. All visionaries will be hand selected from their application by the Edji team based on the engagement and enthusiasm.

Visionary Responsibilities

To join the Edji Visionary community, there are a few things that Edji will ask of you:

  1. For your continued support in the online community. We hope that visionaries like and share our social media posts, and share their own thoughts on Edji along the way through tweets, events, blog posts or wherever else they feel like sharing Edji can be a benefit to the education community.
  2. Help us build a series of resources to help teachers who are just finding Edji. We want to create a library of Visionary tested training materials. Many teachers run PDs or other training sessions about Edji, and we want them to be able to access top-notch training materials. We’ve found out that our Visionaries have created the best Edji trainings out there, and we’d love to be able to share those materials with others.
  3. Help us ensure that we are moving in the right direction to have a major impact on classroom reading. We want a personal relationship with our Visionaries, so we can share our thoughts and future features of Edji and they can give us their honest thoughts and opinions on them.

Visionary Perks

Visionaries will receive several benefits for joining our team, starting with free Edji Hero for life. We’ll also send you some swag like an Edji shirt and an exclusive Visionary sticker once your application is accepted.

In addition to these items, we take pride in supporting our Visionaries and their own endeavors. We’ll be there to support Visionaries through social media, blog posts and events in any way that we can.

Lastly, we want to make sure that your education communities are supported as well. We’ll be there to sponsor EdCamps and conferences that Visionaries help set up, or anything else you might need. As Edji grows, we’d love to meet every Visionary in person. Our Visionaries are a huge part of Edji’s growth, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

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