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Since the beginning of Edji, we have always wanted to make it as easy as possible for teachers to get their class in an Edji reading. We knew that getting students on some apps can be a pain, with required accounts, class lists, and extra hoops to jump through just to get started. That is why we created our ‘Guest Reader’ option. We wanted a new Edji teacher to be able to get their whole class reading in minutes, without the need to set up their class with accounts or lose the value of the product.


What is a ‘Guest’ reader?

A ‘Guest’ reader is anyone who joins a reading that does not sign into an account. If you link your students to a Reading or give them the Reading Code to enter on the Edji Home Page, they will likely see this pop up:

Once a student gets here, they can either type in their name and “Edji as a Guest” or log in with their Edji Account. If your students enter as a ‘Guest’ reader, they will be able to do everything that a student with an account can do on the Reading. They will see the same Comment options, Questions and their experience will be the same as a student with an Account. You as an educator will be able to see all ‘Guest’ Comments as they are made, and those Highlights and Comments will always remain on your Reading.

What are the downsides of joining as a Guest?

As great as it is to have the option for your students to join as a Guest reader, there are a few small downsides to having students access the reading in this way.

First, Edji cannot guarantee that a ‘Guest’ reader will be able to access comments made after they close the reading.  Since Guests do not have an Edji Account, there is no way for us to know with certainty that when a Comment belongs to a particular person. If a Guest leaves a Reading and returns, they will be asked to enter as a new Guest reader, and will not be able to see any of their previous comments.

Second, you are trusting students to enter their name truthfully when you have them join as a Guest. Depending on your students’ age and maturity, this might not be a problem for you, but some students (I’m looking at you middle schoolers ) might get some bad thoughts in their head when they see an open text box.  We have a filter that will stop your basic naughty words being used, but we can’t guarantee that your student will put their actual name.

Why should my students create an Account?

While joining as a Guest is convenient for your first few readings while you learn the Edji ropes, having your students create an account will probably be a better long term option for your classroom. When students do create their Edji account, they’ll enjoy a few benefits over being a guest.

First, all readings that they join will be saved to their Dashboard, easily accessible to them. This means that if they make comments on your Reading and then close their webpage, they will be able to come back to all the comments they made. Students with account automatically see their ‘Read’ dashboard when they sign in, making it easy to find yesterdays reading to go back to.

Second, students with accounts do have the ability to make and share readings. We’ve seen several teachers use Edji to allow their students to write and share a Reading on Edji, usually to allow for their fellow students to read and comment on their work.  Having students create their account opens up this option for your students.

How can my students make an account?

When you’re ready to have your students create their own Edji Account, they are going to have two options to create their account. Make sure to check our Student Privacy Policy if you want to learn a little more about how Edji handles our student accounts.

  1. Creating an Account with Email and Password

The standard way to create an account, Edji requires a few things to create a student account. First, they will need to give a Username, Email, Full name, and a password. Username is only used for signing into an account. Email is kept on file in case of forgotten passwords, but students will never receive an email from Edji regarding anything other than resetting a password. Their full name will be used for displaying comments during a Reading. After they successfully create their account, the last thing they need to do is make sure they check ‘Student’ as their identity (The Student Identity is always selected) and they can start their Edji experience. The Identity list looks like this:

  2. Using Google Sign-in

If you are a Google school, there is no easier way to get Edji accounts started than using Google Sign-in. Available at the top of the Registration page or login page, all your students will need to do is click this Button:

The only information that we take from the Google Sign-in is a name to display on Readings (this guarantees that their real name will be shown on your readings) and their email address. Once they get their account created, they will need to select the ‘Student’ identity before they can continue to your amazing Readings for them.


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