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We want to make it as simple as possible for teachers to get their class in an Edji reading. We know that getting students on some apps can be a pain. Many other resources require accounts, class lists, and extra hoops to jump through just to get started. This is the reason why we created our ‘Guest Reader’ option. We wanted a new Edji teacher to be able to get their whole class reading in minutes, without the need to set up their class with accounts or lose the value of the product.


What is a ‘Guest’ reader?

A guest reader is anyone who joins a reading that does not sign into an account. If you link your students to a reading or give them the reading code to enter on the Edji home page, they will see this pop up:

Once a student gets here, they can either type in their name and click “Guest it is!” or log in with their Edji Account. If your students enter as a guest reader, they will be able to do everything that a student with an account can do on the reading.

What are the benefits of having an account?


All readings that students join will be saved to their dashboard and remain easily accessible to them. If a student annotates a text in guest mode and exits the browser, they will appear as a different student if they return to the same reading. With an account, if a student annotates your reading and then closes their webpage, they will be able to come back to all the comments they made. Students with accounts automatically see their ‘Read’ dashboard when they sign in, making it easy to find yesterdays reading to go back to.

Second, students with accounts do have the ability to make and share readings. We’ve seen several teachers use Edji to allow their students to write and share their own readings, usually to allow for their fellow students to read, annotate, and collaborate on their work.

How can my students make an account?

When you’re ready to have your students create their own Edji account, they will be able to do so by using an email address or by creating an account through Google or Clever. Many districts have an email address for each student that doesn’t actually have an inbox. These will work to create their Edji accounts. Make sure to check our Student Privacy Policy if you want to learn a little more about how Edji handles our student accounts.

When students create an account, their email is kept on file in case of forgotten passwords. Students will never receive any communication from Edji with the exception of resetting a password. Their full name will be used for displaying comments during a reading. After they successfully create their account, they will be taken the screen below.

On this screen, the student will have the ability to customize the color and add an emoji to their avatar. They do so by clicking the colored bubble on the top left corner. Each student will need to type their name and select student.

You’re students now have all of the benefits of having an account! 

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