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What is FERPA?

FERPA is a United States government legislation that was put in place to protect student data from unauthorized disclosure. It gives parents, or students over the age of 18, certain right with respect to their student data, including the ability to request data, consent to data disclosure, or request amendments to education records.

Is Edji FERPA Compliant?

Yes, Edji will do anything that we need to do to work with schools and ensure the privacy of student data. Student data protection has always been at the top of Edji’s priorities. We do not require extensive student data when signing up for an account, and students do not even need to provide any data to receive the benefit of Edji if they, their guardians, or their teacher would prefer that. When students do get their own Edji account, their information is not available to anybody, except for a display name shown only to their teachers and classmates.

On Occasion, we have used real Edji readings with de-identified student and teacher comments to display some of the functionalities or potential uses of Edji. These examples were provided with the express consent of the teacher, and have been stripped of any identifying information. Edji will never use identifying student or teacher data for the purposes of training or marketing.

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