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Welcome to the Edji! We hope you make the decision to become a certified Edjineer.

What are the benefits of completing this course?

You will receive 6 months of Edji Hero for FREE!! If you are a current subscriber, we will add 6 months to your subscription.

You will also receive the knowledge of how to use Edji effectively in their classroom. With a tool as powerful as Edji, it is possible to be a long time user, and still not be using all of the tools available to you in the most impactful manner.


What are the steps to become a certified Edjineer?

Great question! You will participate in three chapters to take place in Edji. Here is the link for the reading: https://edji.it/edjineer

You’ll need to make a free account if you don’t already have one. You can do that here: https://edji.it/#/register


After you have finished those readings, fill out this form: Edjineering Certification Form

Our team will go through and check for completion. If we find anything that wasn’t clear on our part, we’ll be sure to email you with some additional Edji tips. We will also email you a file for the Edjineering badge that you can rock on your email signature, twitter, or anywhere else!


If you have any questions along the way, message us on twitter at @EdjiNotes or send us an email at support@edji.it. We’re here to help!

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