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We’re a small startup based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, making an Education app that focuses on creating classroom-wide collaborative reading. We started in early 2016 when a fourth-grade teacher, Will, had a small idea; He wanted his students to use Emoji to annotate their classroom reading while practicing their close reading skills.

His students loved it, and the Emoji that each student chose sparked deep discussions that Will could have only dreamed of sparking on his own. He did, however, have tech problems getting his students to use Emoji while reading. The apps he tried were slow, not collaborative and didn’t give him control over what they were reading and how they were commenting. Will took his problem to an event called Startup Weekend EDU, being hosted in Minneapolis. Will found a team and fleshed out his idea. Will wanted an app where he could choose the content, and his students could read and comment while he followed their progress. Most importantly, he wanted a digital space where his students could collaborate, talk and learn together.

We came out of startup weekend with a solid core team and a great idea that we have been striving toward and building on ever since. Edji grew into a complete reading annotation application, with a complete set of tools for students and teachers to make a reading powerful and collaborative. Edji is accessible to any teacher for free with a premium subscription to unlock unlimited active readings and additional data tools.

Check out Edji at https://www.edji.it to see what powers you can get to enhance your classrooms readings!