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Visionaryadjective: having or marked by foresight and imagination. Example: a visionary leader

The Edji Visionary program is an online Ambassador community of education tech leaders and problem solvers who are pioneering what it means to use Edji. They are passionate educators and friends of the Edji team and classroom tool. Each of the Edji Visionaries has been majorly influential toward the progress that Edji has made, and will be pivotal in the journey ahead!

Edji has been blessed to work closely with these individuals through our time, and we highly recommend checking them out for great insights toward Education!


Our Visionaries



Lacy Greco – @lacygreco3

Favorite emoji: 🥳because I’m all about celebrating all the things!

With 11 years experience in education, Lacy has taught 4th grade for 8 years, 1st for 2 years, and 3rd grade for one year, all in the Northside Independent School District. She is currently her campus’ Educator of the Year! (Way to go Lacy!) Lacy has enjoyed using Edji in the areas of Reading and Writing, where her students have practiced poetry analysis, grammar skills, inferencing, & more. She also does weekly Wednesday videos on Twitter (check out !) to share ideas that she uses in her classroom. It’s a virtual PLC, if you will, to help put out best practices and reach more kids!


Lisa Scumpieru – @LScumpieru

Lisa has been an educator in Hagerstown, Md. for 24 years. She was a high school teacher at North Hagerstown High School for 24 years teaching 9-12 English, Journalism, College Prep and even starting the German program at the school. She currently is at the Center for Education Services for Washington County Public Schools as a Digital Integration Specialist. Her favorite Edji was the first one she created. It was for Brutus’ funeral speech in “Julius Caesar”. On the first day of the lesson, she gave students the speech on paper. She had them mark it up and look for specific types of rhetorical devices. Lisa can be reached on Twitter with her handle @LScumpieru and you can check out her website detailing her digital journey as well as her accomplishments as an educator at her website, available here! Lisa loves to collaborate with other educators to find the best way to educate students and learn new ways to develop and utilize real world skills necessary for life.


Dan Gallagher – @Gallagher_Tech

Favorite Emoji: 👍

Dan is a Teacher Resource Specialist for Technology in a NJ district with over a dozen years in education. His blog is available at:  and he is super active on Twitter where his handle is: @Gallagher_Tech. He is a Google Certified Trainer with a variety of educator certifications from various edtech tools. An avid reader himself, his favorite book is ‘Switch’ from the Heath brothers! As for Edji Readings readings go, Dan has used it for excerpts from a couple of books and a student essay. He has also used it with an Edutopia article to showcase the power of Edji with other teachers!


Matt Ledwell – @According2MattL

Matt is a Teacher, education tech enthusiast, English nerd and proud father. An Edji user for about as long as Edji has been available, Matt has been a fantastic help with guiding Edji to the useful tool that we see today!



Kathi Kersznowski – @kerszi

Kathi is a Tech integrationist, educator, leader and presenter who loves sharing awesome education tips, tools and tidbits with awesome educators.  She is particularly skilled in creating innovative Professional Development Programs, Educational Leadership, Leadership, Presentations, STEM Education and Educational Technology programs. Kathi Found Edji very early on, and was one of the first educators to give us a shout-out on her education blog available here!


Eric Hills – @MrEricHills

Eric is a Digital Learning Coach and dedicated educator in Shakopee, MN, where he also serves as Head Coach of Boys Swimming and Diving. As an educator, Eric is at the forefront of tech, looking for ways to help his teachers find success in the classroom! In addition to his normal duities, Eric is also a speaker at education events and guest blogger on education websites like freetech4teachers.com, sharing his experiences with tech tools that work in the classroom.